• Date of Transaction: Feb 2019
  • Acquirer: InHealth
  • Service: M&A
  • Sector: Healthcare

Alpha Helix assisted the shareholders of UOMRI with the sale of three diagnostic imaging facilities.

UpRightMRI is a long-established provider of upright and open MRI scans. It is the largest provider of these types of scanners in the UK operating from three sites in London, Birmingham and Leeds.

Opening in 2006, UpRightMRI have been offering successful scanning services across the UK by helping anxious and claustrophobic patients overcome their fears when undertaking a scan and the team of 21 scan around 5,000 patients each year.

The business was acquired by InHealth, the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic solutions to the NHS and independent sector to expand its range of services.

Alpha Helix were hired to assist the shareholders find a suitable purchaser for the business