Wellbeing Software

  • Date of Transaction: Jun 2018
  • Acquirer: NA
  • Service: Strategic Advice
  • Sector: Healthcare

AHCF assisted the management and shareholders of Wellbeing Software Group with a market mapping exercise as well as an assessment of a number of strategic bolt-on opportunities.

Wellbeing Software Group (WSG) operates across four separate organisations; Apollo Medical Software Solutions, e-health Innovations, EuroKing Maternity Software Solutions, and Healthcare Software Solutions (HSS). All four companies focus on consolidating healthcare data and creating integrated, joined-up approaches to information sharing and collaborative working.

Alpha Helix Corporate Finance (AHCF) were set the question: Are there any accretive acquisition targets with significant sales synergies?

The preparation phase of the project took 4 months, and involved researching, and preparing a UK digital healthcare market map which divided up the UK digital healthcare market into segments that were of interest to WSG. AHCF created a working document profiling all 72 companies in the market map, summarising information on each company’s services, ownership, financials, customers, company size, and finally a summary of the pros and cons on fit.

AHCF hosted regular monthly meetings with WSG to discuss the targets, and to pass on market information on digital health M&A processes taking place. These meetings narrowed down the list of companies to approach.

AHCF then reached out to the shortlist of 12 companies, and successfully secured meetings with 8 of them to assess fit, valuation expectations and motivation to sell.

Following a number of introductory, and follow up meetings management eventually decided not to pursue any of the opportunities, largely due to high vendor valuation expectations, however they were very pleased with the process and the market map, and would highly recommend AHCF.